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WIWOTOUCH smart terminal touch solution

In the world of computer science, intelligent terminals can mean all sorts of things. In the early days of personal computers, the term "smart terminal" was used to describe auxiliary components that worked with mainframe systems. Since then, smart terminals have done a lot of things, including supporting thin client capabilities that work with external server setups.

Now, when people talk about smart terminals, most people mean terminals with some sort of assistive function. For example, a company that produces a terminal that can be installed on a programmable logic controller or other control plane hardware, and that component helps with communication, configuration or calibration, or anything else, can be considered an intelligent terminal. Other smart terminals help hardware devices process payments in retail situations. The phrase "smart terminal" really just means adding functionality to auxiliary hardware in some way, shape, or form.

Touch is sure to extend to credit card payment terminals as more and more people get used to using tablets like ipads, smartphones and touch screens at supermarket and airport check-in terminals. Today's smart terminals may have a touch screen and physical keyboard for PIN entry, or just one (or two) touch screens.

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