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1. R&D engineer


1) Responsible for coordinating the structure design of capacitive touch screen products;

2) Responsible for the summary and summary of their respective sample proofing problems;

3) Responsible for system material model import and BOM establishment;

4) Familiar with silk screen and laser technology and design route;

5) Proficiency in using various drawing design software;

6) Familiar with raw materials and technology;

7) Familiar with touch screens of various structures and IC selection;

8) Major in science and engineering, college degree or above, fresh graduates or relevant work experience for more than 1 year.

2. Electronic Engineer


1) Design drawing of circuit soft board and hard board;

2) Test board welding production, sample test and assisted production line mass production test;

3) Participate in the evaluation of customer drawings;

4) Familiar with circuit board design;

5) Design drawings and connect with suppliers for proofing and mass production;

6) Be able to work hard and endure hardships, be positive, and Keep learning and improving skills

7) College degree or above, fresh graduates or relevant work experience for more than 1 year.

3. International sales representative


1) Follow up new product development and discuss project details with customers;

2) Maintain the B2B platform, upload products, respond to inquiries, and develop customers;

3) Actively collect all kinds of information from customers, competitors and the industry, and provide product development and market information for the company;

4) Actively complete related work arranged by superiors;

5) Cheerful personality, good communication skills, patience and responsibility, and good professional ethics;

6) With teamwork spirit and enterprising spirit, strong execution ability and positive attitude;

7) Obtain CET-4 or above certificate, have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

4. GM Assistant


1) Assist the general manager in handling external liaison and external public relations maintenance;

2) Responsible for internal coordination, and do a good job of distributing the situation;

3) Steady image, quick thinking, high overall quality, good communication and coordination skills, the ability to handle things independently, and adapt to social entertainment;

4) College degree or above, more than 2 years of work experience, good attitude and strong learning ability.

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