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WIWOTOUCH Touch Screen for Smart Home

WIWOTOUCH Touch Screen for Smart Home

Smart home is a kind of living environment, is a living environment for the platform installation intelligent household system, intelligent household in the home through the Internet of things technology combined with equipment, electrical appliances, lighting, curtain control and telephone yuan control, indoor and outdoor remote programmable timing control, anti-theft alarm functions and means, let users have a more convenient way to manage the household equipment, For example, through touch screen, wireless remote control, Internet or voice recognition to control home equipment, you can carry out more scene operations, so that multiple devices form linkage; On the other hand, only the various devices in the home can also interact according to different states, thus bringing maximum efficiency/convenience/comfort and safety to the user.

In recent years, multi-touch has become a new way to replace the traditional human-computer interaction. It does away with the keyboard and mouse in favor of simultaneous multiplayer interaction. It is a revolutionary innovation of human-computer interaction, but also provides more operation possibilities for intelligent home system. As an intuitive access method, smart home touch screen has been widely used, and now, the demand for smart home touch screen is mainly driven by consumer electronics products. Such as mobile phones, game consoles, computers and other devices, but with the continuous development of touch screen technology, its application in other electronic products will be widely expanded.

As the pursuit of perfection, intelligent household industry increasingly rich products, fully functional, intelligent household construction better convenience, humanized application scenario for the man-machine interface can clear instructions and inform us the operation of the existing machinery and equipment, using real more vivid, simple operation and can reduce the errors in the operation, For beginners can also use the touch screen man-machine interface for timely operation.

WIWOTOUCH Smart home touch panel

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