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Touch screen and LCD display panel fitting fixture

"Optical lamination technology of LCD touch screen is the future trend. Optical lamination is to completely fit the panel and touch screen together in a seamless way. There is no air layer between the display layer and the touch layer, and dust isolation reduces the reflection between the display panel and the glass. The lamination technology makes the whole LCD more thin, the display looks more transparent, and the display effect is better. 

The characteristic of optical fitting is that every new product needs to be moulded, and the cost of full pulp is relatively high. However, due to the installation of the machine, high precision, uniform thickness, no glue spill, so the new temperature is better. Its disadvantages are complex process, low yield of production, rework difficulty, high cost of equipment input, high maintenance cost, high requirements for workshop production environment. 

WIWOTOUCH Engineering has developed a tool that facilitates the assembly of LCDS and touch screens, reducing the complexity of the process and enabling workers to pick up goods quickly and increase production.

Touch screen and LCD display panel fitting fixture

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