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Touch screen IIC conversion usb interface software

I2C bus is a simple, bidirectional, two-wire synchronous serial bus developed by Philips. It requires only two wires to transmit information between devices connected to the bus. 

A DEVICE THAT INITIATES A BUS TO TRANSMIT DATA AND GENERATES A CLOCK FOR OPEN TRANSMISSION. Any ADDRESSED device is CONSIDERED A SLAVE device. The relationship between master and slave, send and receive on the bus is not constant, but depends on the direction of data transfer at the time. If the host wants to send data to the slave device, the host addresses the slave device first, then actively sends data to the slave device, and finally the host terminates the data transmission; If the MASTER is to receive data from the SLAVE device, THE slave device is first addressed by the MASTER device. Then the host receives the data sent from the device, and finally the host terminates the receiving process. In this case. The host is responsible for generating the timing clock and terminating the data transfer.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an emerging data communication method that gradually replaces other interface standards. By Intel, Compaq, Digital, IBM, Microsoft, NEC and Northern Telecom and other computer companies and communications companies jointly developed in 1995, and gradually formed the industry standard. USB bus as a high-speed serial bus, its high transmission speed can meet the requirements of high-speed data transmission application environment. The bus also has the advantages of simple power supply (bus power supply), convenient installation and configuration (support plug and play and hot swap), simple expansion ports (up to 127 peripherals can be expanded through the hub), diversified transmission modes (four transmission modes), and good compatibility (downward compatibility after product upgrade).

Our engineering research has developed a touch screen I2C into USB compatible software, convenient I2C and USB conversion, in the design and debugging can be fast detection.

Touch screen IIC conversion usb interface software

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