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The process ITO touch glass

The process ITO glass

In the touch screen, ITO glass plays a crucial role, so let's talk about the production process and structure of ITO glass.

ITO conductive glass is prepared by magnetron sputtering by coating indium tin oxide (ITO) film on sodium-calcium or borosilicate glass. ITO conductive glass for LCD will also be coated with a silica barrier layer before ITO layer to prevent the diffusion of sodium ions on the substrate glass into the liquid crystal box. ITO glass substrate for high-end LCD should be polished before sputtering ITO layer to obtain more uniform display control. ITO glass substrate for LCD generally belongs to superfloat glass, and all coated surfaces are float glass tin surface. Therefore, the final LCD will float along the direction, there are regular waves uneven situation.

ITO glass for LIQUID crystal display is a kind of conductive glass with high light transmittance. Because ITO has a strong water absorption, it absorbs water and carbon dioxide from the air and causes chemical deterioration, commonly known as "moldy", so it should be protected from moisture when stored.


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